Two Products to Choose Now!

NeoPro TK™ / PolyPro TK™

Perma "R" has teamed up with BASF® and Preventol® to offer new variations to PolyPro. Introducing NeoPro TK™ and PolyPro TK™. NeoPro is now our premium graphite beaded foam which provides even more insulating properties too. Check out the brochure for more details. With PolyPro (and NeoPro), we've improved the technology to include Preventol®, a termite killer ("TK"), which protects your investment from pesky bug damage. Same quality, improved technology, that's Perma R!

Tough & Tear Resistant

Minimize Waste

What exactly does tough mean? It means you'll reduce you jobsite and warehouse waste due to handling and installation. That's something to think about next time you have to order extra materials to cover uncontrollable wear and abuse from typical handling. Saving you a buck means the world to us.

2 Faced Versatility

Easy Peezy

What's better than a tough product? One that also offers versatility to go with it. With our variety of facer options, you get the product performing to your needs. Whatever your finished siding choice, our sheathing products add insulation value to your home.

Stable "R"

Rock Stable

EPS foam means stable R-Value performance. Unlike batt insulation, EPS won't sag over time due to sitting. There are no voids or pockets causing fluctuations in "R" values, nor is there any thermal drift. It's a solid state insulating device similar to what keeps your coffee hot and your ice tea cool. Ever wonder why a foam cup holds ice longer? Now imagine this same techonolgy tweaked and tailored for home insulation. It's what we've perfected over the past 30+ years. Now you know.

Customized to your needs.

Various lengths.

Various lengths mean customized ordering. You maximize your purchase efficiency with less labor and less waste, which is "less" for you to have to deal with.

Affordable Pricing

Last but certainly not least.

We can sit here and tell you to buy from us all day long, but if it doesn't make finincial and economical sense to do so, then I've wasted yours and my time. Sure, we could offer the next best thing to space shuttle thermal insulator panels, but would it matter at $50,000 per sheet? Probably not. High speed dual laminating technologies mean an affordable price for a superior product no matter what. Our long history with EPS has allowed us to optimize our products for better quality and a better price to you.