Mission Statement

Perma "R" Products manufactures a variety of products for the building and packaging industries. Perma "R" was built upon product lines utilizing expanded polystyrene (EPS) technology. EPS, developed in 1951, provides efficient and economical thermal insulation for industrial, commercial and residential buildings throughout the world. In addition to our EPS product lines, Perma "R" Products offers a complete line of moisture resistant air infiltration barriers (housewrap) as well as synthetic roofing felts (roofing underlayment). When it comes to building envelopes, Perma "R" Products offers a multitude of products designed for optimum performance. We are committed to providing quality building products at competitive prices with service second to none.


It was1979 when Armond Francis "Lee" LeClair decided to purchase Perma "R" Products. The company consisted of two manufacturing facilities, Grenada, MS and Johnson City, TN. Their foundation was a product line consisting of foil faced EPS sheathing. In 1988, Mr. Lee LeClair and his now 9 year old Perma "R", introduced a line of structural insulated panels, SIPs for short, and it would grow to become a key component in the company's future and technological advancements into what is now considered a "green product line". EPS foam sandwiched between OSB panels, formed what is called a SIPs panel, and this portion of the company grows even today. It was a time for progress, diversification, and expansion, and the following year two more new editions were added to the Perma "R" product lineup. "Pak-Lite", a product line of fabricated specialty packaging products, and custom architectural shapes. Both complimented the company's EPS background and customer base.

Time came to turn the reins over to a new generation. Lee's son Tim LeClair took over as CEO in 1991 and continues to lead the Perma "R" fleet today. It wasn't long before the itch for expansion presented itself. In 2001, Perma "R" Products purchased a SIPs manufacturing facility in Union, MS, and created General Panel Corporation for the SIPs line of products. Further expansion occurred that year, as well, with the introduction of a complete line of housewraps, under the "PermaWrap" banner. In the following year Perma "R" Products entered into a joint ownership agreement with four other block manufacturers to create LogixICF, an insulated concrete form. This continued their growth as a solid EPS manufacturer and product developer. With all good companies, time means more growth, more opportunities, and more objectives. In 2007, Perma R expanded once again, purchasing a housewrap printing and converting facility in Adel, GA and solidifying their place as a major competitor for moisture barrier products. From their first introduction of housewrap, Perma R brought the same quality it had buiilt its name on, into a whole new arena of product lines, something that opened the door for more growth and opportunities. A product named PermaFelt, a synthetic roofing felt, surfaced from months of development and marketing. Like the housewrap, PermaFelt spread across the US in popularity and demand with it's unique gripping surface, and in 2008 earned itself the Top 10 Products of 2008 award (Metal Roofing Magazine). Perma R will continue growing and adapting to the ever changing world in which we live.

Perma "R" Products remains today a family-owned business and will always hold fast to the values and integrity begun by Lee LeClair in his 1979 beginning. Perma "R" was built on manufacturing quality products at competitive prices and providing a high level of service and customer support. Our customers are very important to us, and we strive to earn their business each and every day. We continually appreciate your business.